Dr. Tannous Frangieh

Dr. Tannous Frangieh obtained his Medical Doctorate from the American University of Beirut in 2016. He then completed 2 years of general surgery training at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. He went on to pursue his plastic surgery residency training at the department of plastic surgery-Hospital da Plastica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- a renowned center in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery with a huge surgical load.  During his training years, he got the chance to train with pioneers in facelift and body contouring surgeries.
During his training in Brazil, Dr. Frangieh gained advanced skills in FACELIFT surgery.  He reaches the deep layers of the face to reposition the sagging tissues and deliver a natural appearance with hidden scars and without skin tension to avoid poor results. He also uses advanced techniques in fat grating (micro & nano fat) to restore volume loss and laser resurfacing to improve skin quality.

EYELID and facelift SURGERY are usually done together for harmonious and natural results. Dr. Frangieh performs this surgery delicately to rejuvenate the eyelids without changing the shape and size of the eyes and to avoid lid retraction.
He uses the latest technologies in liposuction and performs HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION to better define and sculpt the body for a more athletic and attractive appearance, while always respecting the natural lines of the body. 

This surgery can be associated with a BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT for a better buttocks and the waist definition.
Dr. Frangieh also performs HIGH DEFINITION ABDOMINOPLASTY (tummy tuck) to remove excess skin and tissue, to tighten the muscles, and to better define the waist and the natural lines of the body, all while keeping the belly button scar well-hidden for a more natural result.
During BREAST AUGMENTATION, he performs FAST TRACK 24-HOUR RECOVERY SURGERY.With this advanced technique, the recovery period is shortened and the patient will be able to move her arms normally 24 hours after the surgery.
Dr. Frangieh is specialized in BREAST LIFT and BREAST REVISION surgeries. The center in which he completed his training has the biggest load of breast lifts worldwide. He uses a wide variety of techniques according to each patient’s needs. These include internal bra, half cup bra, muscular sling, Liacyr flaps, and others.
He is also passionate about RHINOPLASTY (nose job). With his advanced anatomical knowledge and artistic touch, he helps enhance the shape of your nose for better facial proportions.