Maya El Khoury M.D.

Dr Maya El Khoury obtained her Medical Doctorate from The Holy Spirit University (USEK) in 2012. She went on to pursue her dermatology residency training at the Notre Dame de Secours CHU with an emphasis on general and cosmetic dermatology. 
She completed her last year of training at the Henri Mondor hospital in France, headed by Pr Olivier Chosidow, in the field of general dermatology, with an added exposure to the management of cutaneous drug reactions, bullous diseases, skin cancer and lymphomas, and dermatologic emergencies. She was awarded a Diploma of Specialized Medical Training in October 2016 (DFMS, Diplôme de formation médicale spécialisée).
During her stay in Paris she obtained an additional training for one month at the Cochin-Tarnier hospital in Paris headed by Pr Marie-Francoise Avril, and a diploma in infectious and tropical dermatology from the University of Paris Est Creteil in June 2016. She received the French Board in dermatology in December 2016.
Dr El Khoury joined The Skin Clinic in November 2016 where she received extensive training in cosmetic dermatology by Dr Dany Touma, a leader in the field. Her expertise encompasses skin rejuvenation using injectables, laser resurfacing as well as vascular lasers. She is specialized in external genital rejuvenation and pigmentat reduction.
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Oral communications:
  • Toxidermies aux macrolides ou à la clindamycine : faut-il contre-indiquer la pristinamycine?. El Khoury M, Assier H, Gener G, Haddad C, Chosidow O, Wolkenstein P, Oro S: Presented at the dermatology meeting in Paris (JDP), 13 December 2017
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