Dear Dr. Touma, I am so grateful for u & ur staff for the high end service and the comfort & kindness that u provide the patients. To me now u r a true friend that I respect in a very great manner. Thanks for everything.



Bonjour Dani !
C’est juste pour te dire que de ma vie je n’ai eu une symétrie telle que aujourd’hui ! 
Suis plus que ravie !
Merci merci Dani  tu es un As   et un artiste en la matière .
Je regrette de n’avoir pas eu affaire à toi bien avant ! 
Il n’est jamais trop tard pour bien faire



Hi Dr Touma, I'm wishing you well from LA! My Hair looks great - very fortunate to have undergone the procedure with you and your team.

In a cupla years, I'll look to get that top up 

Also, I'm wondering, is it also possible to get a procedure that increased density? Figure i could also do that

Again, what you guys have done with my head is pretty spectacular. People always comment on how i have normal hair now!

Ghadir Sultan


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