Skin inflammation caused by acne or other conditions can often lead to scarring. Scars can also result from trauma or surgery. Although most scars improve with time, early intervention can have a significant impact on minimizing their appearance. A combination of fractional and traditional laser resurfacing and cortisone injection are often the best options for treating various types of scars, particularly keloidal scarring, while red raised scars can benefit from lasers that decrease the blood supply to the scar. Injections of steroids and occlusive dressings may also help to improve their appearance. Depressed scars can be treated with resurfacing laser or TCA application to smooth out sharp edges, while scars with soft edges are best filled using an injection of a filling agent or through laser treatments known as “collagen laser.”

Subcision, a surgical method using a special needle to break scar tissue fibers and stimulate collagen formation, can also be effective. Each of these treatments may cause bruising and swelling for a few days after the procedure. A combination of treatment approaches is usually recommended for the best results.

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