Rosacea is a recurring skin condition that is frequently observed in adults with fair complexion. It is characterized by redness and flushing on the face, as well as visible blood vessels. Certain triggers such as sunlight,heat, hot showers, alcohol, specifically red wine, and spicy foods can exacerbate this condition. Some individuals may develop pimples concentrated on the center of the face, which can resemble acne. Additionally, rosacea can affect the eyes, causing redness, dryness, itching, and styes.

To treat rosacea, traditional methods involve the use of oral antibiotics and creams. However, we recommend laser therapy for optimal treatment, particularly in more severe cases. Our Nd:YAG laser is highly effective in reducing redness by targeting the blood vessels and generating heat to combat the bacteria and parasites that contribute to the severity of rosacea. This treatment option requires no downtime, but maintenance sessions may be necessary. In addition to laser sessions, patients should avoid triggers that may worsen their condition, consistently wear sunscreen, and be mindful of the cosmetics they apply to their skin due to increased sensitivity. Daily use of a moisturizer and creams that target redness can also help restore the skin’s protective barrier and reduce relapses. Moreover, we have successfully used Botox in select cases to treat rosacea.
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