Dark Circles

Under eye dark circles are a widespread beauty concern that many of our patients face. At our clinic, we understand these dark circles can arise from several factors such as excessive pigmentation, shadowing, and thinning of delicate skin causing the muscle and vessels under it to appear. To treat this, we offer a cutting-edge solution that specifically targets the excess pigmentation with laser technology. Unlike bleaching creams that irritate the sensitive skin, our doctors use a combination of three types of lasers – fractional resurfacing, spot resurfacing, and Q-switched laser – in one session. The process typically involves a few days (4-5 days) of peeling and some swelling for 2-3 days, but most patients achieve a 50% improvement after just one session. To maintain the best outcome, it is essential to protect the treated area from sun exposure before and after treatment.

For shadowing issues caused by a deep groove or tear trough, our doctors may recommend a filler treatment, specifically designed to fill in the underlying depression and remove the shadow effect for a fresher, more relaxed look. At our clinic, we have a range of filler treatments to suit every patient’s needs.

Say goodbye to under-eye dark circles and hello to a bright, rejuvenated appearance with our advanced treatments!

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