Our Approach

Using over 30 years of combined dermatology experience much of it at Boston University and AUBMC, both referral centers in their areas, Drs Touma (American Board certified since 1998) and Dr Khoury Okais (AUBMC) are able to diagnose most diseases by simple clinical examination and medical history. When in doubt a skin biopsy will be obtained and interpreted in the best dermato-pathological laboratories, and a final diagnosis will emerge only after proper clinic-pathological correlation. 

Once a clinical diagnosis is made, we apply the most evidence based solutions, after combining multiple therapies to achieve the fastest results. These include topical, oral medications, and at times laser surgery, or any other advanced therapy available at our state of the art clinic. We will review the latest published literature to make sure that we provide you with the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment options and benefit from the world’s experience. We will occasionally consult world authorities in the case of very difficult situations. A few selected cases are discussed.