Facial rejuvenation with injectables

Facial aging is caused by changes at several levels of the skin. Superficially, sun spots, superficial wrinkles and textural changes can be improved with chemical peels or laser. At the deeper collagenous and fatty levels, the tissues are progressively lost, leading to lines and folds, and eventually flattening of the cheeks and lips. Dr Touma is best known for his beautiful yet natural-looking reversal of skin ageing. At The Skin Clinic we combine various rejuvenation techniques of the highest quality to address aging at all its levels, giving each patient their personalized treatment regimen based on their needs.


Volume loss is one of the consequences of aging and it produces what we perceive as wrinkles and folds. Using a filler is the best approach to treat these folds. There are many different types of fillers, hyaluronic acid being the most common one today due to its nice results and high safety profile. Fillers are used to revolumize the face, improve the nasolabial fold wrinkles (the line running from the nose to the corner of the mouth), the lips and subtle contour defects on the cheeks and chin. Additionally, fillers can be used to fill in scars left by acne or other problems.

In highly expressive areas such as the upper face and neck, muscular overactivity can result in deep expression lines. Botox, one of the most popular methods of facial rejuvenation in the world today, relaxes the facial musculature resulting in softening or disappearance of these wrinkles. We do not only treat the upper third of the face, but also if necessary, inject the neck and lower face to tighten the jaw line (Nefertiti lift), restore the oval shape, and reduce unsightly vertical neck bands. People’s expressions are never totally removed, just softened. Furthermore, we may combine botox with fillers or skin resurfacing lasers if needed. 

Mesotherapy is used to restore the hydration of the skin, and replenish its lost nutrients, and help obtain a fresher glow of the face, neck and chest. Results are seen immediately, and the glow effect is seen for several weeks after one session, and lasts a lot longer after several sessions. Mesotherapy can also be performed on the scalp to help in hair loss. 

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a superb technique in dermatology that uses one’s own plasma carrying the nutritional component of the blood, to boost the skin with essential nutrients leading to its renewal. At The Skin Clinic, PRP is a cornerstone of skin rejuvenation, especially in the periorbital region, neck and hands.

Using these simple and safe techniques, and starting early as aging signs develop, we are successful at keeping women and men looking their best and at avoiding the risk, hassle and after disappointment of facial surgery. Beautiful, natural facial rejuvenation is no doubt what Dr Touma and his colleagues are best known for, as a result of years of experience, skill, and artistic attention to detail.