Laser for Brown Spots and Freckles

With advancing age and sun exposure, many get solar lentigines, also known as "age spots or "sun spots". These appear as enlarged freckles on the face, chest and back of the hands. Some people, especially with lighter skin tones, may have freckles from early childhood on their face due to hereditary factors. 

All these brown spots can be removed using the right type of laser.  The principle of laser is to treat specific targets at any depth in the skin without damaging surrounding structures. Laser, therefore provides an excellent tool to treat many skin problems due to its unsurpassed precision and safety, unlike other methods like liquid nitrogen which is too aggressive and might leave white spots, or creams which are mostly ineffective for dark sun spots. We use a Q switched Alexandrite laser which is relatively painless, safe and effective because of its unique ability to selectively treat the pigmented lesion without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue. Most of these spots will disappear after a single laser session, some however depending on the intensity of their color may need re-treatment. It is very important to use sun protection before and after the treatment. We often continue laser to remove the smaller round spots, and a medium depth peel for overall sun damage and renewing of the skin.